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Admission Information

General Admission Information

Information about BYU's Admission Policy, along with general guidelines and standards.

International Admission Information

Link to the admissions policies and information for international students.

Admission Statistics

Average Freshman GPAs

Listed are the average high school GPAs for the Freshmen classes of the last 10 years. Those are compared against the average GPA of those freshmen after two semester at BYU.

Freshman enrollment by gender since 2002

Here are application, admission and enrollment figures for the incoming freshmen classes of the last 12 years.

Freshman admission since 1968

The past 40-plus years of freshman data: application numbers, followed by accepted figures and final enrollments of incoming freshmen. Included are percentages of acceptance.

Retention Rates

Percentage of first-time, first-year students (freshmen) who enroll one year and are still enrolled in school the following year.

Transfer Students

Transfer Admissions, 2003-2012

Number of transfer students who applied, were accepted and ultimately enrolled for the past several years. This data is tracked each fall semester.


Tuition, 1960-2015

Tuition costs for Brigham Young University undergraduates back to 1960. Includes both LDS Tuition and Non-LDS Tuition.