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Campus Life



BYU’s intercollegiate program has become one of the top athletic programs in the country, repeatedly achieving national rankings and recognition.

Extramural Sports

Information about BYU's four extramural programs. These programs compete at the collegiate level, but are not a part of NCAA competition.

Intramural activities

Intramurals are sports and activities open to all students at BYU. The following article details the different activities and some interesting background.

Campus Culture

Education and Culture

BYU offers a nationally recognized library system and museums to provide culture to the campus. Theater and concert halls are also included in this entry.

Honor Code

BYU's Honor Code sets the school apart from almost every university in the nation.

Performing Groups

A brief overview of performing groups on campus and their history of touring around the nation and world for performances.


Commencement Speakers, back to 1998

List of commencement speakers for the last dozen-plus years.

Devotionals & Forums

BYU Devotional/Forum Speakers with titles

The list of devotional and forum speakers back to the 2006 academic school year. Includes the titles of the speakers.

Graduation Stats

Graduates by Academic School Year

Number of graduates for each academic school year back to 2000.

Graduates each year by College UNDERGRADUATES ONLY

The number of graduates each year back to 2000. Includes specific graduates for each college on campus.

Graduation by Gender, last 25 years

Gender breakdown of graduation for the past 25 years. Includes only undergraduates and each year includes December, April and June/August graduates.

Average GPA of Graduates

Average GPA of all students receiving bachelor's degrees of each graduating class, from the years 2004-2012. Includes both April and August commencements.


Homecoming History

Brief history of BYU's homecoming tradition.