Y Facts



Students 30 years old or above at BYU

The enrollments for BYU students 30-years old or above for the past 15 years. It is broken down by undergraduate and graduate students.

Students under 18

The enrollments for students under the age of 18 back to 1995. Male and Female statistics are given as well as total percentage of students under 18.

Student Enrollment by Age, 2008

Breakdown of student enrollment by age for the Fall 2008 semester. Includes average ages for each class, and the overall average age of BYU students.

Students by Age, 2009

Students at BYU broken down by age and across class standing.

Students by Age, 2010

Breakdown of every student enrolled fall 2010 based on age.

Students by Age, 2011

Table with a breakdown of every age group in every class standing. Also includes average ages for each class.

Students by Age, 2014

Student enrollment for BYU broken down by age. Includes only daytime students that are matriculated.

Students by Age, 2013

Students at BYU broken down by age group.


Enrollments by College, 2004-2014

Enrollments for each college on BYU's campus for the last 10 years. Number is for daytime students only. Includes open major/student life students.


Hispanic Populations at BYU

The enrollment of Hispanic students for the last nine years. Ethnicity is a self-reported statistic, reported according to federal government definitions.

Enrollment by Ethnicity (not including Caucasian)

Enrollments by ethnicity for the past decade. Ethnicity categories include American Indian, Asian, Black, Hawaiian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander.


Enrollment by Gender

Fall BYU daytime student enrollments by gender since 1997. Included are the percentages of male and female and the total enrollment. Information for undergraduates only

Enrollment by Gender, Class

Enrollments of students divided by gender and class, including percentages, dating back to the 1997 year. All data is based on fall enrollment reports. Daytime students only.

Geographic Origins

Enrollment by Foreign Region

Number of Students from different foreign regions from Fall enrollment reports. Percentages of foreign enrollment also included.

Students from Utah

Number of daytime students from Utah since 1998. Includes count and percentage of total enrollment.

Student origins by state

Student enrollment for the 10 states with the highest enrollment among BYU students. Data and percentage of total students for last four years.

Top International Feeder Countries

Top 5 countries with the most students enrolled at BYU, from 2002 up to 2014.


Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2006

This table does not include any pre-major programs, undeclared majors or graduate student totals. Majors only include one emphasis and only include only daytime students

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2007

Ten majors with the highest enrollment for Fall 2007. Does not include "pre-majors" or graduate students. Broken down by gender.

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2008

Ten majors with highest enrollment for Fall 2008. This table does not include any "pre-majors," undeclared majors or graduate students in the totals. Daytime students only.

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2009

Ten majors with the highest number of students enrolled for the Fall 2009 semester. Does not include any pre-majors or graduate students.

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2010

Listing of the 10 majors with the highest enrollment from the fall semester 2010. Includes breakdown by gender for each of the top majors.

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2011

Listing of the 10 undergraduate majors with the highest enrollment from the fall 2011 semester. Includes breakdown by gender for each of the top majors.

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, Fall 2012

This table shows the 10 majors that have the highest enrollment at the University, based on fall figures.

Top 10 Majors by Enrollment, 2013

Top 10 undergrad majors based on enrollment of both those in the major and those who are in pre-major programs.

Marital Status

Undergrad Marital Status, 1995-2014

Data from fall semesters 1995 to 2014. Marital status is a self-reported statistic. Some students who marry during their schooling may fail to report their new marital status.

Graduate Student Marital Status, 1998-2014

Number and percentage of single and married graduate students at BYU for the last 16 years. Based on daytime students only. Data may include students who failed to report a change in marital status during their schooling.

University Marriage Status Totals, 1980-2014

Count of married and single students for all daytime students -- graduate and undergraduate -- for the last 30+ years. Includes percentages of both married and single students.


Religions represented at BYU, 2002-2014

Religious breakdown of faiths represented at BYU for the past decade. Religion is a self-reported statistic.

University Enrollment

Full-time and 3/4 Day Enrollment

Past 15 years of BYU official enrollments for full-time, daytime students. Fall and Winter enrollments listed. Full-time students includes 3/4 time students, minus withdrawals.

Spring and Summer

Enrollments for spring and summer for the last decade, spanning 2003 to 2014. Included is the average percentage difference between the spring and the summer terms.

All day-time enrollment

This is the history of BYU's daytime enrollment, which includes all full-time and part-time students (including half-time or less students), graduate and undergraduate alike. Goes back to BYU's founding in 1875.