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BYU ROTC Programs

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is designed to educate and commission officers to serve in the Armed Forces. BYU ROTC is comprised of both the Army and Air Force, and is one of the largest ROTC programs in the nation.  Students enrolled in ROTC are called cadets and receive military training in addition to pursuing a degree in the field of their choice. Cadets who commit to serve in the military receive financial assistance for school and living expenses. These cadets serve in various leadership positions that mirror possible future assignments and are mentored by experienced military members assigned to BYU. ROTC cadets raise the ASB flag each morning at 7:30 and lower it each evening at 5:30 on weekdays during Fall and Winter semesters. An annual 24 hour flag vigil is held on September 11 to honor and remember the events of that day. ROTC cadets also participate in many community events and can be seen doing push-ups at home football games.

Students interested in ROTC can sign up for beginning level ROTC courses such as Military Science (MIL S) 120 (Army) or Aerospace Studies (AEROS) 110 (Air Force). These courses are taught in the Wells ROTC building on the east side of campus. ROTC classes focus on leadership, teamwork, personal development, military history, customs and courtesies, and small unit tactics. Beginning level ROTC courses allow students to earn academic credit and become familiar with the military without incurring any military obligation.

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