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Ranking Highlights from 2006, 2007

National Survey of Student Engagement:
BYU ranked 90th percentile or higher in categories of: “Supportive Campus Environment,” “Level of Academic Challenge,” “Active and Collaborative Learning.” Also, 84 percent of BYU undergraduates participate “very often” in activities to enhance their spirituality.

US News and World Report:
J. Reuben Clark School ranked 34th among the top 50 law school in the nation. Marriott School of Management MBA ranked 40th in the nation. Marriott School’s undergraduate business program ranked 35th, accounting program ranked 8th and international business specialty ranked 21st in the nation. BYU ranked second tier in the category of “Best National Universities,” and 13th with the least student-incurred debt. College of Nursing ranked 58th. Ira Fulton College of Engineering ranked 86th among graduate engineering programs. David O. McKay School of Education ranked 85th.

The Princeton Review:
BYU was awarded top spot in “stone-cold sober” category, 4th in “great college library” 14th in “best quality of life” and 12th in “happiest students.” J. Reuben Clark Law School ranked 6th in “overall academic excellence.”

Institutional Research and Evaluation Inc.:
Named BYU safest campus in the nation for schools of its size.

Ranked BYU Marriott School of Management’s MBA 17th in nation

Wall Street Journal:
Ranked Marriott School of Management’s MBA program 27th in the United States and sixth among regional schools. Marriott School also ranked second in national category “best for hiring graduates with ethical standards” and fourth for excellence in accounting.

Financial Times
Ranked Marriott School of Management’s MBA 45th in the world.

Public Accounting Report:

Ranked undergraduate and graduate accounting programs second in country.

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