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Fulton College of Engineering and Technology

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Location: Clyde Building and Crabtree Building

Dean: Alan R. Parkinson

Associate Deans: David G. Long, Spencer P. Magleby, Jim L. Trent (associate dean)

Fall 2014 Daytime Enrollment: 3,473

Degrees awarded, 2013-2014: 673

Programs offered by Department
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering BS
Chemical Engineering MS
Chemical Engineering PhD
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering BS
Civil and Environmental Engineering MS
Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering BS
Electrical Engineering BS
Electrical & Computer Engineering MS
Electrical & Coimputer Engineering PhD
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering BS
Mechanical Engineering MS
Mechanical Engineering PhD
Industrial Design BFA
Construction Management BS
Facilities Management BS
Information Technology BS
Information Technology Minor
Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS
Technology & Engineering Education BS
Technology MS
Technology MS Construction Management
Technology MS Information Technology
Technology MS Manufacturing Systems
Technology MS Technology & Engineering Ed

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Mark A. Philbrick/BYU

Mark A. Philbrick/BYU

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