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Homecoming History


In the fall of 1930, the first Homecoming Day was celebrated, replacing Founders Day, which was October 16th.  That fall, BYU alumni were special guests at the November 15th football game where costumed students, floats, and people portraying time periods from 1875 to 2000 paraded past the game attenders.  In 1937, the first homecoming queen was chosen and the event grew into a university celebration and tradition. 

Each October, BYU sponsored Homecoming activities, including football games, parades, Fieldhouse Frolics, dances, assemblies, etc., for students and alumni.  Alumni homecoming banquets honoring outstanding alumni were a major attraction.

"The first Homecoming Day was celebrated in the fall of 1930.  Prior to this time there had been frequent class reunions in the springtime, but never a general Homecoming Day.  During halftime of the November 15 football game with the Montana State Bobcats, floats, costumed students, stunts, and people depicting various periods from 1875 to the year 2000 paraded past the stands.  BYU alumni were special guests of the institution."

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