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Museum of Art sculptures

Museum of Art

There are a handful of sculptures that sit outside the MOA. Here is a round-up:

"The Little Dancer," by Angelo Carravaglia, American b. 1925. Cast bronze. MOA garden

"Black Fountain," by Dallas Anderson, American b. 1931. Cast bronze. MOA garden

"Sleepwalking," by James Avati, American b. 1950. Cast bronze. MOA garden

"Christina," by Dennis Smith, American b. 1942. Cast bronze. MOA garden

"Resurrection," by Franz Johansen, b. 1928. Cast bronze. MOA garden

"Maxine," by Neil Hadlock, American b. 1944. Cast bronze. Signed in 1990, 2/7. North of MOA.

"Sefa II," by Frank Riggs, American b. 1922. Painted Aluminum, 1/1. North of MOA.

"Temple of Mercury," by Karl Momen, Swedish b. 1934. Bronze and stainless steel. MOA north.

"Koda," by Raymond V. Jonas, American b. 1942. Steel. Between MOA and ASB.

"Juno," by Reuben Nakian, American 1897-1986. Bronze. In front of MOA

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