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Y Bell

"The first Y Bell was destroyed by a fire in 1884 that also destroyed the Lewis Building. It wasn't until 1912 when a new bell was acquired and hung in the Education Building on the Lower Campus. It was rung every hour and at sports victories. In 1949, the Y Bell was moved to Upper Campus where it was mounted on a two-wheeled wagon. Later that year, the bell was cracked because of ‘overenthusiastic ringing' after a sports victory." (DU)

A traveling instructor from the Ocyweld Company, John Campaux, and Union Pacific Railroad welder Frank Hemmingway, were asked to repair the bell. The bell and wagon disappeared in 1958, but was found six months later in a field west of Springville. After recovery, the bell was permanently mounted on a tower and dedicated in 1959. On Feb. 4, 1974, the bell toppled down while it was being rung and was cracked. Once again it was fixed and remounted. It still sits on the southwest corner of the Marriott Center, where it rings true for victories in LaVell Edwards Stadium and the Marriott Center. (DU)

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The Y Bell on the campus of Brigham Young University

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