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Brigham Young Statue

Brigham Young

The 7 and ½ foot bronze casted statue of the school's founder and namesake was unveiled during Homecoming Week 1961. It was cast from the plaster original created by the late Mahonri Young for the top of the "This is the Place" Monument at the entrance of Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake City. The original included two other figures flanking Brigham Young, but castor Alex Ettl, of Sculptor House, New York, modified the original so as to have just Brother Brigham standing solo. Ettl did much of Mahonri Young's work. Mahonri Young was a famous American sculptor and grandson to Brigham Young who died in 1957. The university acquired his entire art estate and it was from this collection that the cast was taken.

The statue of Brigham Young was planted just south of the ASB, but was moved a few feet to the north after the expansion of the Lee Library 1999. No other modifications have been made to the statue since it was created and presented on campus in 1961. No beard was ever removed from the statue. The 1300-pound statue depicts the second Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints without a beard, and using a cane with his left hand.

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